Single man, enough with misandry? think about global dating

I have travelled to 15 countries. I have seen a similar issue in all western countries. Many men are bashed by women today on a daily basis.

I have myself witnessed this issue while i was at high school. many female teens used to back men. Then, later on, i have seen that in our modern societies many older women bashed men. Consequently, it is not an age problem. I mean i have seen ,+40, +50, +60 and even +70 women bashing males. I thought that women would stop bash males when they would turn ugly because of age. It is not the case at all. I think there is nothing we can do about it. The phenomenon is too big. What i want to say, i have seen men who married women who were bashing males when they were young. I know those women will bash males when they will get older.

Whether you live in France or USA or Canada or Germany or Netherlands or UK it is the same. I have seen this phenomenon everywhere.

Some of you, guys can afford a flight ticket to a low-end country (eastern europe, south america). You can find a woman in eastern europe and south america.

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Global dating is for men from North america and western europe. It means travelling to other countries like Estonia, Russia, Colombia, Argentina.

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